Newcomers to Canada: Preparing for an Interview with Potential Canadian Employer

Finding meaningful employment in Canada can be quite difficult to accomplish considering the numerous factors, including language and cultural barriers and lack of Canadian work experience, that pose as an obstacle to making that connection with potential Canadian employers. This can be an incredible challenge for Newcomers to Canada.


When Newcomers to Canada and new immigrants get the opportunity to meet face-to-face with a potential employer, they have the chance to really sell themselves as a valuable asset to the firm. The in-person interview is critical in determining whether candidates are suitable for a particular role. It allows both parties, the job-seeking candidate and the employer, to get better acclimated with one another through an exchange of information. The potential employer can use the interview to get to know more about the candidate, from general inquiries on educational background and work experience to assessment of their personality and a judgment of their communication skills.


In order to be successful in a job interview, one should present themselves in a professional manner. An individual’s appearance tells a lot about them and really sets the tone for the rest of the interview. First impressions matter. How someone walks into an interview may provide some insight into the type of job candidate they are, at least from a potential employer’s perspective. Ensuring that overall appearance is neat and clean is important for the in-person interview. In addition, dressing professional (e.g., conservative business attire), is essential in conveying an idea of who you are as a potential employee. When one presents themselves in a groomed, professional manner, they are making a statement; the statement is that they mean business.


When screening candidates, employers are ideally looking for individuals that not only have the necessary skills and qualifications, but also someone that can easily adapt into their organization. Before a candidate goes in for an interview, it is highly recommended that they do at least some background research on the company. Finding out more about the organizational culture, as well as the mission and objectives, will provide the candidate with more information on the company and whether their own personal goals align with the role and the company itself. The background research will also be useful during the interview when the candidate is explaining why they are the ideal candidate for the position.


During the interview, or when the interview is nearing conclusion, candidates should be asking their interviewers questions. By asking questions, Newcomers to Canada would be demonstrating that they are eager to learn more about the role and organization. Interviewers look for signs of commitment; how committed is this candidate if they are hired on for this role? How committed are they to the organization? By expressing interest through inquisition, candidates can help interviewers determine that they are indeed committed.


Within the first 24 hours after the interview, a post-interview email, thanking the interviewers for taking the time to speak with you, will go a long way. This gesture of appreciation is telling of the candidate’s character and will likely positively reflect their standing as a potential candidate.


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