Hiring new immigrants and finding them a home

Employer responsibilities for housing and hiring new immigrants (with valid work authorization)

One of the most frequently asked questions from employers new to hiring brand new immigrants to Canada is, “Where will they live?”

The simple answer is that while housing assistance is not required, in many areas across Canada it can be the only option. If you are in a small community, it can be nearly impossible for someone new to Canada to respond to a rental ad, or purchase a home.

We strongly advise helping settle your new Canadian employees by offering airport pickups, local meetups, and housing assistance. The more you do now, the better.

Finding housing when hiring foreign workers means finding a place for them to call home

Helping your new workers with housing is the first step in forging a positive experience with your employees from overseas. These individuals have moved across the globe and will now be a member of your team. They may not yet be familiar with Canadian culture and customs. By taking the initiative to arrange proper housing, an employer provides one less thing for these new workers to worry about during their transition. It cushions their arrival, creating a “soft landing” for their new life, where they can focus on adjusting to their new surroundings and excelling in their position on your team.


Additional pointers when securing temporary housing when hiring employees (including new immigrants):

If you choose an arrangement where you will be deducting rent directly from your worker’s paycheque, it is mandatory to have a written agreement in place where the worker acknowledges and agrees to the rental deductions. In fact, this applies to any deductions taken from a worker’s paycheque, it must be agreed to in writing.

When choosing a location for the temporary housing, keep the distance from the workplace in mind. We encourage our employers to find housing that is either within walking distance or on public transit lines to make it as easy as possible for the new worker to commute to and from work.

Finding housing that is close to work, affordable and furnished is a great positive start with your new worker. This is essential in developing strong retention and for having long-lasting relationships.

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